About Us

Born from a Passion for Better Newborn Care

In the early 1990s, directors of California’s Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) saw a need for collaboration. They wanted to share ideas, improve infant care, and set high standards for the health of California’s most vulnerable: premature and sick newborns.

So, they formed CAN – The California Association of Neonatologists.

Our Mission

Championing Every Newborn

At CAN, we are dedicated to ensuring every newborn in California receives the best possible care. We work towards this goal through four key pillars:

  • Education: We provide continuous learning opportunities for neonatologists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals through conferences, workshops, and online resources.
  • Research: We actively support and promote research aimed at improving neonatal therapies and outcomes.
  • Advocacy: We fight for policies and legislation that guarantee access to quality neonatal care for all.
  • Quality Improvement: We collaborate with the California Perinatal Care Collaborative (CPQCC) to share data, analyze trends, and continuously improve NICU practices statewide.

Our Team

Beyond Medical Care: A Voice for Newborns and Families

We understand that a healthy newborn thrives in a healthy environment. That’s why we advocate for families, pushing for access to essential resources and supporting programs that educate the public about newborn health.