Advancing Neonatal Care Standards and Practice

Practice and Standards Committee

Chair: Christine Johnson (2022-current)

The Practice and Standards Committee reviews issues related to the practice of neonatology or standards of neonatal care and makes recommendations to the CAN Board regarding an official stance on these issues. Such issues might also include public policy with implications for neonatology. 

The committee supports relationships with partner organizations such as the Children’s Speciality Care Coalition (CSCC).

Committee Members


  • Christine Johnson (2022-current)

Committee Members:

  • Katherine (Kat) Coughlin
  • Kalpashri (Shri) Kesavan
  • Steve Gwiazdowski
  • Tabitha Solomon
  • Jeanne Carroll
  • Kushal Bhakta
  • Sevini (Sina) Hallaian
  • James McGuire

Current Projects

  • NOWS, ESC, & Substance-exposed infants
    • Tabitha, Shri, & Kushal
  • Discharge planning
    • Steve & Jeanne
  • PDA Vignettes
    • Kat & Kurlen
  • Thermoregulation Toolkit
    • Christine & Liz Drake (CNS from Orange County)
  • Congenital Hypothyroidism Screening Standardization
    • James

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