Steering Growth and Leadership

Membership And Nominating Committee

Chair: Erika Fernandez and Meera Sankar

The Membership and Nominating Committee is responsible for encouraging all neonatologists that actively practice in California to become members of CAN. The committee also encourages associate membership for fellows and neonatal nurse practitioners/ neonatal physician assistants. In addition, the Membership and Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating members to the CAN Board each year. As part of this responsibility, the committee ensures that board members are representative of the range of neonatal practice types (academic, private, metropolitan, rural, etc.) that exist across the state.

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The current members of the committee:

  • Linda Truong
  • Steve Gwiazdowski
  • Rowena Cayabab
  • Tom Shimotake
  • Ron Ariagno
  • Maria Fe B. Villosis

The committee is working on projects which include:

  1. An assessment of the regions as designated in CAN and their effectiveness
  2. Brainstorming ideas on how to encourage more members
  3. Improving communication across the membership.    


We welcome any new members interested in working on ideas and plans to improve CAN’s networking and collaborations through strong membership numbers and engagement.